Welcome DreamTrip: Hong Kong

Discover what being a DreamTrips™ Member is all about on this Welcome DreamTrip to Hong Kong! Arrive at the hotel after transport from the airport in time to enjoy a delicious welcome dinner with fellow DreamTrippers. The next day, have a delightful time at Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s maritime-themed amusement park. Enjoy unlimited rides all day and spend time at popular attractions such as the Rev Booster, the Hair Raiser at Thrill Mountain or the Sea Jelly Spectacular at Marine World. Young children will enjoy the slower-paced rides, playground and activities at Whiskers Harbour. The whole family will love Symbio, the park’s spectacular, nightly light-and-water show. Get the most out of your DreamTrip and visit Hong Kong’s highlights on your own during ample leisure time the next day.

What we love:
• Enjoying a delicious dinner at the Neptune Restaurant with a view of the Grand Aquarium’s main tank.
• Hong Kong is Cantonese for “Fragrant Harbor.”
• Seeing Ocean Park from a whole new perspective from the elevated cable cars that connect different areas of the park.

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