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Venture to the birthplace of democracy on this fascinating DreamTrip to Athens, Greece. The morning after a warm welcome reception, enjoy a tour of Athens, including stops at sites such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in the 5th century B.C. to honor the Greek ruler of gods and sky; the Parthenon, the temple dedicated to Athena; and the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the 1st modern Olympics.

Enjoy ample leisure time to explore the city’s most historic attractions. Revisit your favorite memories with your fellow DreamTrippers during a delicious farewell dinner at the hotel’s La Suite Lounge on the 6th floor.

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• DreamTrips™ Members receive a 20% discount on spa treatments at the hotel.
• Stop at the Panathenaic Stadium, the site of the 1st Olympic Games.
• Athens was named after the goddess of wisdom and courage, Athena. It’s the birthplace of Plato and, in the past, children were expected to learn to play the lyre and study the works of Homer.

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