South Shore Adventures in Iceland travel

On this Platinum DreamTrip, tour Iceland’s lava fields, beaches & waterfalls, and marvel at the breathtaking northern lights

About Iceland travel
Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, compels with its endless natural beauty of volcanic and glacial vistas on this fully escorted Platinum DreamTrip. From your stylish lodgings in historical downtown Reykjavik, travel along the southern coast, passing ancient lava fields, farmland and quaint villages. The landscape will soon turn into massive ice caps — underneath one of them is an active volcano! Then, you’ll visit 2 waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafos, which both have an approximate drop of 197 feet (60 meters). Seljalandsfoss flows over a giant cave mouth with a trail that takes visitors into this mouth, while Skogafos is a former sea cliff. Your tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing a glacier and walking across its blue ice. Before the day is over, you’ll spend time on Reynisfjara, a black-sand beach with panoramic views of rocky columns — a photographer’s dream!

The following evening, embark on a nighttime adventure to see one of the world’s most amazing sights — the northern lights. Put on your warmest clothing and board a motor coach to the outskirts of Reykjavik for a possible viewing of the aurora borealis* that lights up the night sky in bursts of spectacular colors and shapes.

A photographer’s inspiration, an adventurer’s bucket-list journey, an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, or a geologist’s dream — whatever the reason, Iceland captivates all who visit.

*The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and depend on certain factors such as weather conditions. Therefore, sightings cannot be guaranteed. In the event of bad weather, this activity may be scheduled for another night. See Additional Information for details and restrictions.

What we love:
• Throughout the world, Reynisfjara is known as one of the top non-tropical beaches due to its rugged beauty of towering sea stacks, gapping cave mouths and waves crashing on its black-sand beach.
• Reykjavik gets most of its energy from geothermal power, making it one of the greenest cities in the world.
• For the most part, Icelandic is unchanged from the original ancient Norse language. This means ancient texts are read with ease.
• Your adventure to see the northern lights includes the opportunity to taste Icelandic schnapps and chocolate.