Delight in Brazil’s Beaches & Reefs

Uncover the hidden treasure of natural coral reef pools & spend time in Maceio, eastern Brazil’s premier coastal destination. Brazil may mean different things to different people — vibrant festivals, electrifying soccer games, the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and so much more. But one thing’s for certain, the beaches remain a popular destination for those wishing to get away from it all.

Get ready for unforgettable sea and land adventures in the tropical paradise of Maceio on Brazil’s northeastern coastline. From your base in Maceio, you’ll head north to the beach area of Sao Miguel dos Milagres, known for warm sea waters, swaying palm trees and long stretches of beach from where local fishermen launch their boats.

In this tranquil setting, you’ll experience one of Brazil’s best kept secrets — and it only happens at low tide! Once the sea water retreats, it exposes a huge coral reef and creates shallow pools filled with colorful fish — so many that you don’t even have to put your head under the water to see them. They dart in and out of the coral gardens, playing hide-and-seek as they wait for the high tide to roll back in. You’ll then depart from the beach in a traditional boat — a jangada — for a sail through these natural pools. Stop at one for swimming or just enjoy the sea breezes and scenic views from the boat. Back on shore, swim some more, take a walk or sunbathe until your transfer back to the hotel.

In your leisure time away from the beach, why not explore Parque Shopping Maceio or stroll the pedestrian walkway at Ponta Verde? For a change of pace, you could hit Jatiuca’s nightlife strip and dance the night away!

What we love:
• You’ll take a memorable ride on a jangada along the northeastern Brazilian coastline. These slow-moving boats are easily identifiable by their large mainsail and wooden hull.
• Nicknamed “Brazilian Caribbean,” the expansive coastline of Alagoas is loved for its secluded beaches and vibrant marine life — and at 136 miles (220 kilometers) in length, its coral reef is said to be second in size to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!
• When you’re ready to really relax, pamper yourself and indulge your senses with a special, full-body massage at your hotel’s Zena Luxury Spa. Your included 30-minute spa experience is complete with complimentary mineral water, flavored water and a platter of fresh fruit.